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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Design, Tessile e Moda

Didactics delivered and planned

You can view the current, future and past educational offerings from the table below.
  • Current training offer: in the green boxes, the teaching offer of the current Academic Year is visible; for these teachings, classes are held in the classroom
  • Future educational offer: in the boxes with the coming Academic Years, the courses do not contain either the lecturers or the syllabus; this information will be visible when the systems are delivered in the classroom
  • Past educational offerings: the boxes with the past academic years contain all the information (lecturers, programmes, ...)

Laurea Triennale (DM 270/04) in DESIGN TESSILE E MODA

Classe L-4
A.A. Immatricolazione
Percorso Anno di corso
2024-25 unico Primo 2024 Secondo 2025 Terzo 2026
2023-24 unico Primo 2023 Secondo 2024 Terzo 2025
2022-23 unico Primo 2022 Secondo 2023 Terzo 2024
last update: 10-Jan-2023
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